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Best of Safety Services (BOSS) mission is to enrich students, clients, and communities with a safer and healthier work environment. We believe that construction workers are more productive when they can work safely. If they can build a building safely, they are building a safer community.

We achieve this by:

- Partnering with like-minded and qualified individuals who can provide

the best quality of safety training and instruction.

- Creating partnerships with stakeholders in the community and industry

to advance the culture of safety through innovation and reform.

- Empowering workers and clients with the best instruction, training, and safety management necessary to avoid near misses, injuries, and fatalities in the construction site.

BOSS is the Best in Safety Services. With a turn-key approach to construction safety BOSS prides itself on providing quality, affordable, and reliable service to NYC’s Developers and Management Companies. 

BOSS specializes in: 

Construction Site Safety Management 

Construction Fire Safety Management 

Drone Powered Façade Observation

Construction Site Auditing 

OSHA & DOB Training 


BOSS' competitive edge comes from it's long standing relationship with New York City's Department of Buildings and Fire Department.  It is BOSS’ unwavering dedication to professionalism that has earn it the unique ability of having violations, full/partial stop-work orders, and community affair issues rescinded without impeding progress. BOSS' business model aims to protect the public, protect our clients, lower EMR, push progress, and to finish projects on time - every time.  

William Colon is the Owner and President of BOSS. Mr. Colon’s two plus decades of construction safety experience has anchored his company as one of NYC’s most effective, progressive, and hazard eliminating service providers presently available. 

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